Orchestra ExcellenceWho we are

Orchestra Excellence is a new orchestral concept allowing upcoming musicians from all over the world an opportunity to get together and experience a new way of collaborative music making. With Orchestra Excellence every musician has a chance to express their ideas, to propose programmes, to create an ensemble, to perform as a soloist, and to share responsibility not only for their own playing but for the overall performance of the entire group. Every player becomes a mentor and team collaboration becomes the key to success.

What we believe

  • Classical music is important and we would like it to reach as many people as possible.
  • Music can teach people a positive attitude, teamwork and individual responsibility. It helps mutual understanding between different cultures, traditions and religions.
  • Young musicians should keep their excitement and motivation alive in their professional career following their studies.
  • Musicians around the world must be supported in their work of creating a new cultural environment and promoting tolerance, inclusion and education.

What we are trying to achieve

  • To create an international community of excellent orchestra players
  • To support our musicians in creating their own festivals in different parts of the world
  • To be the orchestra in residence at a few music festivals worldwide
  • To cooperate with music schools and colleges implementing progressive educational music programmes
  • To win the support of international political, social and business institutions